Pizza at Bella Italia Leeds


I’m always on the look for a bargain.When my dad told me that he wanted to take us out for dinner for his birthday and asked us where we wanted to dine I asked him to give me a couple of minutes to find a good place at a good price as well.That’s how I found on groupon a really great offer for Bella Italia’s restaurant in Leeds .

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We arrived 10 minutes before and the place was full on a Monday night . Because we were 4 , for a starter we received 2 mozzarella and garlic pizza bread to share .We also received a glass of prosecco each ,and it was pretty amazing.

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The boys ordered pizza and I wanted pasta ,but of course I had to taste each type of pizza .

Nick ordered the pizza Carne Mista and asked for extra mushrooms and tomatoes . ‘It was really great,it had lots of meat on it I could even feel a smoked taste.It was worth its money’.


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I ordered Pollo Limone Siciliana and unfortunately it wasn’t the best choice for me.I just ended up eating half ofNicks pizza ,took a couple of bites of pasta and Nick ate the rest of my dish.

Don’t get me wrong,I was happy with the dish,but it wasn’t the right choice after I had that starter,the taste was…too light.

The pasta was well done,the ingredients were fresh but it was a bit…tasteless after the garlic and mozzarella bread.
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For the dessert we had ice cream. I must say,ordering ice cream with that  whipped cream was the worst decision ever. The whipped cream was horrible! It tasted like…old,not fresh or smooth at all! Nick wanted a crushed amaretti instead of the cream and he was the luckiest!

Have you ever been to a Bella Italia restaurant? Were you happy with your meals?

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