Midland Hotel in Manchester

4th of December

11pm   I see his restless face  scrolling down a webpage.He’s telling me : ‘Don’t look at my laptop screen! ‘ while he goes downstairs to grab his credit card.I tell myself:’Oh,he’s planning a surprise for me . That’s quite nice.We’ll have a full day on our 6th anniversary ‘…

Just dress really fancy tomorrow …’

5th of December

He says that we’re going to eat at a nice restaurant ,somewhere in Leeds.Now we’re out of Leeds .I look at his GPS: 32 miles ,I look up at the signs ‘ 30 miles Manchester’ .

I’ve never been to Manchester,so when we arrived it was the Christmas Market in the City Center .Cold weather,happy faces everywhere , the smell of fried bratwurst and the mulled wine mugs ,it felt like Christmas…




Midland Hotel: 


Wonderfully located in Manchester City Center ,it’s impossible not to notice the building.It’s huge.We checked in,seen our room and left our luggage.

I look at the room service menu…not so many options and nothing that I actually wanted to eat .So we go to Bill’s Restaurant for dinner and do some shopping(next article).

When we came back and after a couple of glasses of champagne , I wanted to go to the SPA.’We’re closing now! ‘ …


_DSC0318 _DSC0320

Back in our room , Nick orders a chocolate brownie, while I’m all about the fruits’ ask them if they have watermelon!!’  ,he shakes his head approving ,but I wasn’t prepared for this awesomeness .

_DSC0322 _DSC0323 _DSC0324 _DSC0326 _DSC0328

Nick:‘ The brownie was great.Lots of chocolate layers , combined with the vanilla ice cream and…with the fruit that Luiza ordered . It was one of the best brownies that I’ve ever had.’

The fruits were amazing.Fresh, sweet and I tasted them with the tiny bit of jam that was on the plate.It was the dessert that I was craving for.

Our stay at the hotel was nice, we went to the SPA the first thing in the morning, but we had our breakfast at Bill’s Restaurant again (because we loved it the day before – article coming soon – )

Have you ever been to Midland Hotel in Manchester?Did you enjoy your stay?

*This is not a sponsored post,we paid for all our journey

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