Lazy Sunday Roast – TJ’s Leeds

There are days when you feel active,you cannot wait to go out for a walk or at the gym,aaaaand there are days like this: when you don’t feel like cooking anything and you want to watch movies all day long…So when this happens to us , we don’t like to order takeaway,instead we go to a very quiet pub near us.

This time we went to dine at TJ’s in Leeds.
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The prices are really good,and because they were having roast on Sunday we said why not?Roast is great for breakfast…right? Roast and tea . 🙂

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We received our pork roast in a huge yorkshire pudding with veggie and the very yummy gravy.As you can see,it looks amazing.

I wasn’t happy with one thing: the meat was cooked medium-rare and as I tried eating,it was really hard to chew.So I told the waitress and she took my plate and fried the meat on the grill for a couple of minutes.

When I received my plate back,the meat had this really good grill taste and I was delighted with my dish.Even Nick said that my food was tastier than his.

Have you ever been to TJ’s before?


*we payed for our meals

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