Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurant – night out

When me and Nick like a place, we make sure that everyone  knows it.So when the great pay day arrived,we didn’t think twice about where we should go.

This is how me,Nick,my dad and Paul visited Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Leeds again,and had some lovely meals.




We didn’t order a starter this time because we did receive one -for free yasss -thanks to the gold member card , a bit of pumpkin soup which was absolutely delicious,but for the main Nick ordered Turkey Milanese and he says about it that it’s’ a very well cooked turkey breast, I got a huge piece. It was delicious,the taste of turkey was highlighted by the truffles.A light meal ,perfect for dinner’




I went for Gennaro’s Famous Porchetta .It looks absolutely delicious.Crispy pork belly in the exterior,with a well cooked meat and spicy filling in the interior,this is how I would describe it.The carrots were oven cooked , with a sweet taste that blended great with the herbs on the side,that where a bit minty and crunchy.I liked it,but I would recommand it for lunch.



Drunken Sour Cherry Frangipane is what Nick ordered ‘It’s a really great tart,not too sweet with juicy cherries , fluffy sponge with really crunchy almond flakes.The softness of the cream blends nicely with the crushed amaretto .It’s a nice,easy dessert.’



When I had to choose a dessert I wasn’t very sure what I want,so the waiter was so nice and gave me a small piece of the Orange blossom polenta cake to taste,to see if I like it. I’m a big fan of super-sugary desserts,so when I tasted the puffy- sweet -orangey cake I knew I didn’t want to miss it.It’s a juicy cake,it goes very well with the pomegranate and the whipped cream balances a bit the sweetness,but I don’t think that it’s the dessert that everyone would prefer.I liked it though, but Nick and my dad weren’t so much into it.

I hope you enjoyed our post .You can read our previous post about Jamie Olivers Italian Here .


Have you ever been to Jamie Oliver ‘s Restaurants?What did you order? 🙂



*we payed for our meals


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