Ciao Bella Leeds

Half an year ago I went to Ciao Bella with my parents and my fiancee to have some italian dishes,I was craving for pizza and my mom as well .

That’s when my dad ate quote: ‘the best lamb I had in my life’ and he is extremely picky,guys…

So a couple of days ago I’ve seen online a big discount for this restaurant and I just had to take advantage of it…so I went with my dad,fiance and a friend to Ciao Bella in Leeds.



My dad and Nick went for the lamb again,and were delighted with the meal. Nick says: ‘ I’ve tried the lamb in many places, indian , italian restaurants but this one is incomparable . It’s so easy to take the meat off the bone,it’s sweet an tender ,and then comes the mashed potatoes a bit salted and blends perfectly with the wine sauce and crunchy cabbage.If you love to eat lamb meat , you just have to go for it.’

_DSC0172 _DSC0173 _DSC0175

This was my pick: Chicken with salad ,dried tomatoes , rosmary and lemon and lemon and…lemon.

To be honest I ate the dish only because I was very hungry but at some point my stomach started to hurt really bad because of the lemon.I think they put 1 and 1/2 lemons all over the plate.I could not distinguish any other flavour,just the lemon.They could have added at least a spoon of mash, it costed anyway around 13£ for half a chicken breast .Huge dissapointment and will never try it again!

_DSC0179 _DSC0180

I really wanted to change the taste in my mouth a bit,so I went for the creme brulle.It was allright,I expected it to be  a bit different,it was too creamy and it wasn’t worth the almost 5£.But I tried my dads chocolate fudge cake and it was delicious and the price was the same…It was certainly not my lucky night.



Nick’s desert was the lemon cheesecake.I have tried it as well and it was really good.’The crunchy bottom goes so well with the sweet and soft cheese and the top is a sweet but a bit sour lemon sauce,with bits of lemon and whipped cream’

*This is not a sponsored post,we paid for our meals


Have you ever eaten at a Ciao Bella Restaurant?

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