Bill’s Restaurant in Manchester – Breakfast

Our last day in Manchester.

First thing after waking up we went to the SPA for a swim and for the sauna.It is so refreshing to start your day like this!

After 2 hours at the SPA we started to get hungry so we went straight away to Bill’s restaurant.The night before we had a lovely dinner ( you can see HERE what we got ) so we had to come back for some nice croissants….



I ordered the watermelon and raspberry smoothie that I tried the night before,and Nick ordered a orange and ginger smoothie.I think they costed around £5 each.A bit pricey but very healthy and tasty.

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For our meals,we decided that we want to share them , so we ordered two different dishes.

Bill’s breakfast is like the traditional english breakfast,but the approach is a bit different.The only thing that I didn’t like was that the eggs weren’t very well done,there were places where they were still raw,but everything else was fine.The tomato had a different taste , it was grilled , it didn’t look very succulent , but it was.So we got 2 toasts , bacon,eggs,tomatos ,mushrooms and sausages for £7.95 .

Bill’s bread breakfast was a real delight( £3.95).We got toast,butter, two butter croissants and two pain au chocolats .We also received two types of jams : strawbery and black currant and one orange marmelade .

My favourite where the jams,they had big fruit pieces inside,and the fact that you could use as much jam as you wanted was just priceless.


We really enjoyed our meals and  can’t wait to try more food from Bill’s Restaurant,but closer to us…in Leeds!

Have you ever tried Bill’s meals?

*This is not a sponsored post.We fully paid for our meals.

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