Lazy Sunday Roast – TJ’s Leeds

There are days when you feel active,you cannot wait to go out for a walk or at the gym,aaaaand there are days like this: when you don’t feel like cooking anything and you want to watch movies all day long…So when this happens to us , we don’t like to order takeaway,instead we go to a…

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jamie oliver restaurant leeds

Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurant – night out

When me and Nick like a place, we make sure that everyone  knows it.So when the great pay day arrived,we didn’t think twice about where we should go. This is how me,Nick,my dad and Paul visited Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Leeds again,and had some lovely meals.   We didn’t order a starter this time because we did receive…

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Bill’s Restaurant in Manchester – dinner

After 6 years together here we are…who would have thought?In a different country,in beautiful Manchester, surrounded by great people, great food,and making some lovely memories…Cheers! We discovered Bill’s Restaurant just wandering arround,trying to find a cozy place to have our dinner. I got the watermelon and raspbery smoothie ,while Nick wanted to try a red wine.…

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Midland Hotel in Manchester

4th of December 11pm   I see his restless face  scrolling down a webpage.He’s telling me : ‘Don’t look at my laptop screen! ‘ while he goes downstairs to grab his credit card.I tell myself:’Oh,he’s planning a surprise for me . That’s quite nice.We’ll have a full day on our 6th anniversary ‘… ‘Just dress really…

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Ciao Bella Leeds

Half an year ago I went to Ciao Bella with my parents and my fiancee to have some italian dishes,I was craving for pizza and my mom as well . That’s when my dad ate quote: ‘the best lamb I had in my life’ and he is extremely picky,guys… So a couple of days ago…

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Jamie Olivers Italian Restaurant Leeds

We’ve had a full week at work,with lots of overtime , so I had no time to cook and to be honest the fridge is almost empty.So Nick says :‘Let’s eat out’ .Ok,but…where?’How about Jamie Olivers?‘ . I grab my gold club member card and call them to see if they have anymore free tables. ‘In…

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Hello! Our names are Nick and Luiza and we absolutely love dining at restaurants and traveling,so this is how Foodie Stop in UK was created. We’ve moved to England 2 years ago so we are still discovering the English cuisine as well as the multicultural cuisine present in the UK. We’re big foodies and cannot…

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